We give the best for your little child. Their young minds need foundation for a life filled with learning; and they should have it now at their young age. They always say that you never stop learning throughout your lifetime; and the time you stop learning is only when you no longer find the world fascinating. For children, the world is always a great big fascination and it is yet to be discovered bit by bit, step by step as they make their educational journey.

What a joy it is to discover our world! Big Lagoon Learning Center makes this discovery experience a wonderful and memorable starting at age one.

1 Year Old

In caring for one year olds, we implement a program where children will utilize all the senses while learning something makes takes the learned material even more into memory. At this age, sensory learning is very important. We shall make your kids know the feel of the alphabet cubes while teaching them the alphabet, learn the shape and let them learn how to clench firmly on the blocks and steadily put them on top on each other to make a tower! Imagine a simple and fun activity leading them to a ton of learning at once.

2 Year Old

At two, your child will begin to understand simple words and they are more observant that you think. Big Lagoon Learning Center makes use of this stage in their learning to become role models they can follow. In addition to the structured academic learning program, we also instill the importance of good manners. As we all have been here, everything we need to learn is all in daycare! We teach children the value of the magic words ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘sorry’. From the table manners to listening to the person speaking in front, your child would be all prepped to proper manners until they grow up.

3 Year Old

Fun and engaging learning activities are prepared for your child’s daily progress. Physical activities, reading sessions, individual and team works, snacks and meal time, and free time, all of these activities are carefully planned and scheduled into our program for 3-year olds.

Pre-K (4 year old)

If your child is turning four by the start of the school opening, he or she can be enrolled in our pre-K program. Big Lagoon Learning Center offers a wonderful learning experience for Pre-Kindergartener with these awesome activities:

  • Arts and Painting
  • Forming Letters and Numbers
  • Learning Languages – Vocal and Sign
  • Learning to Write Letters
  • Puzzles and Board Games
  • Learning About Shapes
  • Craft Projects
  • Pretend and Dress Up Games
  • Simple Words and Daily Objects
  • Learning the Proper Grip with Handwriting
  • Recognizing Different Colors
  • Coloring Activities
  • Basic Reading Skills

After School

After school, your child can still be learning. Make use of that time to enrich what they learn at school. The excellent After School program at Big Lagoon Learning Center will be the best place for your child. These are some of the cool activities they can look forward to:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Math Enrichment
  • Homework Assistance

Summer Program

Sunny days are days for learning too! Big Lagoon Learning Center offers a Summer Program packed with activities that are fun and educational.

Other Programs

Parents are also welcome to inquire about these scheduled child care services at Big Lagoon Learning Center.

  • Half Day Care
  • Daily Drop Ins
  • Weekly Emergency Care

Please call us at 850-696-2352 for enrollment inquiries.


Mission: As the PREMIER Child Care Learning Center, we provide the finest in child care, education, and early development that creates the very best foundation for our Children’s Lifelong Learning.

Vision: The Premier Center for Child Care Development and Learning That Exceeds Expectations Every Day. [About us]

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